Underground Tank Cleanup Funds

The Public Highway Program allows local units of government or county road commissions to be reimbursed for certain costs related to the management, relocation, or disposal of media that had been contaminated by a release or releases from a refined petroleum underground storage tank system or systems.

Claim Eligibility

A claim may only be by filed by a local unit of government or county road commission. For a claim to be eligible, there must be a completed institutional control in place for the public highway pursuant to Section 21310a of Part 213, Leaking Underground Storage Tanks of the Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act, 1994 PA 451, as amended.  A copy of the completed institutional control must be provided with the claim submittal.

The program will accept claims for local reimbursement of up to $200,000. Contact us for more information. To learn more about GFA visit our website at http://gfa.tc

Underground Tank Cleanup Funds

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