Greenspace Improvement, LOI due Jan. 27

The Health Department of Northwest Michigan invites eligible agencies and organizations to apply for up to $20,000 from this Greenspace Improvement Projects funding opportunity.

The Greenspace Improvement Projects Request for Proposals (RFP) seeks competitive proposals for the implementation of sustainable and equitable infrastructure, policy, and educational changes to public greenspaces, such as parks and trails, in order to create or enhance access to safe and enjoyable sites for physical activity in Northwest Michigan. By improving the aesthetics, accessibility, and safety of public greenspaces, the project aims to increase the percentage of individuals who meet federal physical activity guidelines, ultimately reducing poor health outcomes and health disparities in Michigan.

Letter of Intent Due – Friday, January 27th

Application Information Conference Call – Monday, January 30th from 1 – 2 PM
(RSVP by Friday, January 27th)

Submission Deadline – Friday, February 10th by 5 PM

Eligibility Criteria:

1. Eligible sites include parks, trails, and other public greenspaces with existing infrastructure, such as playground equipment, walking paths, etc. New public greenspaces that will be developed in 2017 with existing funds are also eligible to apply.

2. Eligible applicants include any department, agency, special purpose district, or other instrumentality of a local government. Other eligible applicants include public school districts, Indian Tribal organizations, or 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations.

3. Greenspace sites must be open and free for the public. Funds will not be awarded to sites that collect money for greenspace use.

4. Greenspace sites in the following counties are eligible to apply for this funding opportunity:

› Emmet
› Charlevoix
› Antrim
› Otsego
› Kalkaska
› Grand Traverse
› Benzie
› Leelanau
› Missaukee
› Wexford
› Manistee

These counties were selected based on rates of obesity, rates of physical activity, and existence of ongoing chronic disease interventions.

5. Applicants must be financially and managerially responsible for the proposed greenspace

6. Applicants must demonstrate the capacity to implement and sustain proposed site changes

7. Applicants must demonstrate the willingness and capacity to implement educational programming (e.g. a walking group) on their own OR in partnership with the Health Department of Northwest Michigan and mParks Recreation & Park Association

8. Applicants are permitted to apply for funds to enhance ONE (1) public greenspace

This grant is being publicized as a public service of GFA. To learn more about GFA visit our website at

Greenspace Improvement, LOI due Jan. 27

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