Coastal Zone Management Grants, Deadline Dec. 16

The Coastal Zone Management (CZM) Program in the Office of the Great Lakes offers grant funds annually for creative projects that further the following objectives:
• Protect and restore healthy coastal ecosystems, including fish and wildlife habitat
• Create and enhance public access to the Great Lakes and coastal resources
• Preserve historic maritime structures
• Revitalize urban waterfronts
• Minimize loss of life and property in areas vulnerable to coastal hazards including erosion, floods, and dangerous currents
• Promote stewardship of coastal resources
• Protect coastal water quality

Grant amounts must be no less than $10,000 and no greater than $100,000 and require a 1:1 match. Local match can be in the form of cash, in-kind services, and other grant funds from non-federal sources.

Who is eligible to apply?
• Coastal government including cities, counties, villages and townships
• Area-wide agencies including conservation districts, county and regional planning agencies
• Universities and school districts
• Tribal governments
• Nonprofit organizations (non-construction projects only)

Focus areas:
Public Access:
• Site planning, design, and engineering for low-cost construction projects
• Low-cost construction projects such as non-motorized coastal trails, boardwalks, barrier-free canoe/kayak launches and fishing piers, pervious parking lots and walkways, viewing decks, interpretive signage, and other amenities to improve public access
Coastal Habitat:
• On-the-ground protection and restoration projects for Great Lakes beaches, dunes, wetlands, streams and nearshore habitat
• Feasibility studies and planning for habitat protection, restoration and resource management
• Inventories of natural features that are incorporated into a local or statewide plan
Coastal Hazards:
• Development of regional coastal hazard atlases
• Development and implementation of local shoreline management plans or coastal zoning ordinances providing construction setbacks or buffers that complement those of the state’s high risk erosion area program
• Site-level shoreline erosion assessments on public lands for implementation of soft-shore approaches to shoreline stabilization
Coastal Water Quality:
• Development of ordinances, policies and/or plans addressing management of coastal nonpoint source pollution
• On-the-ground implementation activities to protect and improve beach health at public-owned Great Lakes beaches
Coastal Community Development:
• Development of ordinances, policies and plans focused on management of coastal resources based on an ecosystem approach
• Planning & feasibility studies for waterfront redevelopment and ports management
• Development and promotion of regional coastal tourism and recreation opportunities
• Collaborative regional or multi-jurisdictional planning or policy development

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Coastal Zone Management Grants, Deadline Dec. 16

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