Downtown Infrastructure Grant (DIG) Program, Deadline Oct. 1


On behalf of the Michigan Strategic Fund, the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) is accepting Part I Applications for new projects under the State of Michigan’s Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Downtown Infrastructure Grant (DIG) program. The CDBG DIG program is designed to assist communities seeking to improve their downtown district infrastructure quality. Entitlement Communities are not eligible for DIG funding. This program is restricted to providing public infrastructure improvement funding for Low and Moderate Income Communities and Project Areas with projects that are located in a traditional downtown. Grant requests must be at least $30,000 and cannot exceed $750,000. The total amount of grant funds available for the DIG program is $4,000,000. Due to funding limitations, only one submission per community is allowed.

The project will be required to be completed by December 31, 2014. If a project’s timing cannot accommodate this requirement, an application should not be submitted. This will be strictly enforced and extensions will not be allowed. Administration costs will not be eligible as CDBG funding, but will be allowed as match funded activities. The capacity of the Unit of General Local Government (UGLG) to administer the project will also be taken into consideration. Here are some project examples.

Key elements:

  • 10% local match
  • Minimum request amount: $30,000; Maximum request amount: $750,000
  • On low-mod list with a traditional downtown
  • Property owned by local unit of government
  • Includes maintenance plan

Evaluation criteria:

  • Local match
  • Leverage funding from other sources
  • No other open grants
  • Square footage of public space being improved
  • Existing downtown development plan?
  • DDA area?
  • Redevelopment Ready Community?
  • Meets existing capital improvements plan?

Contact us for more details!

Downtown Infrastructure Grant (DIG) Program, Deadline Oct. 1

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