Coastal Zone Management Grant Reminder – Due March 26!

The MCZMP provides grant funds to our coastal communities and partners to assist in the development of vibrant and resilient coastal communities through the protection and restoration of our sensitive coastal resources and biologically diverse ecosystems. This year’s solicitation seeks projects that further the MCZMP objectives of protecting and restoring healthy coastal ecosystems, including:

  • fish and wildlife habitat;
  • creating and enhancing public access to the Great Lakes and coastal resources;
  • preserving historic maritime structures;
  • revitalizing urban waterfronts;
  • minimizing the loss of life and property in areas vulnerable to coastal hazards including erosion, floods, and rip currents;
  • conducting research related to the potential impacts of climate change on Great Lakes coastal wetlands;
  • conducting wind energy planning to limit impacts to wildlife, fisheries, and coastal and offshore habitats; and increasing recreational opportunities along Michigan’s Great Lakes coast.

Grants are offered on a competitive basis to eligible applicants and are made available through the MCZMP from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), pursuant to the Coastal Zone Management Act (CZMA) of 1972.

Complete Applications must be received no later than March 29, 2013. Faxed submissions will not be accepted. Late or incomplete applications will not be considered for funding.

Coastal Zone Management Grant Reminder – Due March 26!

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