Michigan Humanities Council, Deadline February 27 (Draft)

Major Grants (up to $15,000)

The Council’s major grants are available to non-profit organizations and are intended to connect people to Michigan’s rich cultural and historical resources. Eligible projects include humanities initiatives that encourage reasoning together and learning from each other through discussion and interpretation. A public programming element must be a major component of each humanities-based project that receives funding. Click here for major grants program overview and application instructions.

All grant forms have been updated for the March 2012 major grant cycle.

Quick Grants (up to $500) and Planning Grants (up to $1,000)

The Michigan Humanities Council provides support for public humanities programs that fall outside the design and deadline schedules of the major grants. To help meet these requests and to match humanities resources and professionals with local needs, the Council offers Quick Grants and Planning Grants. Quick Grants provide up to $500 and Planning Grants provide up to $1,000 to Michigan-based, nonprofit organizations for public humanities programs or services.  Planning grants cover expenses involved in developing a public humanities program that will result in a non-profit applying for a Council major grant. Organizations may only receive one quick or planning grant per year and the project activities must be free or very low cost and open to the public.

Michigan Humanities Council, Deadline February 27 (Draft)

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