College Access Startup Grants, Escalating Deadlines

Startup Grants: Are awarded to support new community-based local college access networks. A one-time grant of up to $50,000 is available to assist with the direct program costs of a new local college access network. Startup Grant funds may not be used for scholarships. Pending the availability of funds, Startup Grants are awarded twice a year in the Spring and Fall. Startup Grant goals include:

    Establish and provide profile of the Local College Access Network
    Provide the financial overview for launching the LCAN
    Executive the implementation plan for the LCAN

Application Deadlines:

Intent to Apply Form – February 3, 2012 (by 5:00 PM EST)
Proposal Submission – March 2, 2012 (by 5:00 PM EST)
Award Notification – by March 30, 2012
Application Process – Round V (Spring 2012)

    Step 1: Complete the Intent to Apply Form and submit to Brandy Johnson at on or before February 2, 2012.
    Step 2: To apply for a Startup Grant, download the appropriate application and budget form  and fill each out completely.
    Step 3: Submit your proposal (including application, timeline, and budget form) to Katie Klante at  on or before March 2, 2012. In addition, please mail one paper copy to:           
    Katie Klante
    Michigan College Access Network
    222 N. Chestnut , Suite 200
    Lansing, MI 48933

Startup Grant Application Questions?

Lisa King and Katie Klante are available to help communities through the application and startup process. Please email us or call 517-316-1713. You may also consider participating in one Startup Grant Technical Assistance Conference Call.  There are two opportunities to participate:

Technical Assistance Call 1 – January 23 at 1:00 pm
Technical Assistance Call 2 – February 15 at 1:00 pm

Dial-in: (605) 477-3000
Participant Access Code: 243441#

Email us for more information!

College Access Startup Grants, Escalating Deadlines

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