Boating Infrastructure Grants, Deadline May 15

Program Objective(s):
To provide construction of recreational boating facilities in the state that meet the following goals:

  • Create dockage for transient recreational boats 26 feet or larger in order to provide access to recreational opportunities and safe harbors;
  • Provide navigational aids for transient boaters using these facilities;
  • Enhance access to recreational, historic, cultural, natural, and scenic resources;
  • Strengthen local ties to the boating community and its economic benefits;
  • Promote public/private partnerships and entrepreneurial opportunities;
  • Provide continuity of public access to the water, and;
  • Promote awareness of transient boating opportunities.

All facilities constructed under this program must be:

  • Designed to accommodate boats 26 feet or greater in length;
  • Used by transient boaters (boaters not at their home port and staying not more than 10 consecutive days);
  • Open to the public;
  • No commercial uses or seasonal slips allowed;
  • Designed and constructed to last at least 20 years;
  • Continue to be used for their original stated grant purpose; and
  • Maintained throughout their useful life.

Activities that are not allowed under the program include:

  • Routine custodial and/or janitorial maintenance activities (those that occur regularly on an annual or more frequent basis);
  • Construction of slips for long-term rental (more than 10 days);
  • Construction or maintenance of facilities designed for trailerable boats;
  • Maintenance or dredging;
  • Dry land storage or haul out facilities;
  • Activities or construction that does not provide public benefit.

On-site investigation by Recreation Division (RD) staff may be required to determine
suitability of proposed work; applicant may be required to document area boating demand.

Additional State Requirements:
• Waterways Grant-in-Aid Program Requirements

Local units of government (city, village, township or county), public universities, and private

Application Process:
1. Submit Boating Infrastructure Grant Program application form to Department of Natural Resources, RD.
2. Submit a Boating Infrastructure Grant Program Proposal.
3. Technical review of applications will be conducted by RD staff. After May 15, grant applications are potentially recommended to proceed with a final version of a proposal
to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Applications must be received by the Department of Natural Resources, RD, in Lansing office
by 5:00 PM, May 15.

The Boating Infrastructure Grant application initial review and funding process for projects is from May 15 until the federal government appropriates funding for projects. If the potential project application is approved to proceed, the applicant will then be asked to develop and complete a proposal with associated federal forms with the goal of submitting to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service by approximately September 21, 2011. Exact date to be announced. If the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service approves the project proposal, the applicant will then be asked to submit a full package of required documents. An applicant will then be required to sign a third-party agreement with the Department of Natural Resources, PRD before proceeding with final engineering documents and construction.

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Boating Infrastructure Grants, Deadline May 15

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