Library Mini-Grants, Apps Due Sept 15

Ezra Jack Keats Minigrant Program For Public Schools and Public Libraries
Minigrant Award = $500

1. Accepting applications from public schools and libraries anywhere in the United States and its protectorates.

2. Funds will not be granted for:
– general operating costs
– administrative costs
– transportation of the audience
– purchase of books, tapes, software or equipment unrelated to a specific program described. 3. Creative programs funded in the past have included:
– Ongoing pen-pal projects bringing disparate communities together,
– Multi-cultural portrait projects,
– Art projects culminating in art shows, murals, or quilts,
– Bookmaking,
– Creation and performance of puppet shows,
– Inter-generational journals.*

* These are examples…we welcome new ideas.

4. Applications will only be accepted if they are submitted on the form and in the space provided without reformating or attachments.

5. Only one application will be considered from each library or school.

6. Applications cannot be accepted for consideration if:
– they are for programs being held in any type of private or parochial school or library,
– they are for duplicated programs,
– they are emailed,
– they are sent by registered mail,
– they require a signature upon delivery,
– they are postmarked after the September 15 deadline of each year.

7. If an award check is not to be made out to the library or school:
– please indicate clearly the name of the entity cashing the check,
– how it is connected to the institution using the award,
– who at that institution is serving as contact for the program and
– how we can reach them.

8. We cannot send you a replacement if you lose the award check.

9. Make sure you have:
– answered all the questions
– signed the application
– stapled the pages together
– checked the accuracy of your return address and email (or we will not be able to inform you of your status.)
– kept a copy of the application for your files.

10. Mail the completed application form to:
Ezra Jack Keats Minigrant Program
450 14th Street
Brooklyn, New York 11215

11. Decisions will be announced by December of each year. You will receive notification by mail whether or not you have been awarded a grant.

Click here to download the Minigrant Application Form
Library Mini-Grants, Apps Due Sept 15

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