EPA Brownfield Planning Pilots, Apps Due June 1

This notice announces the availability of EPA grant funds and direct assistance (through Agency contract support) for projects from eligible entities to facilitate community involvement in area-wide planning approaches to brownfields assessment, cleanup, and subsequent reuse. Area-wide planning grant funding and technical assistance will be directed to brownfields-impacted areas, such as a neighborhood, district, city block or corridor. The grant funding and direct assistance will result in an area-wide plan which will inform the assessment, cleanup and reuse of brownfields properties and promote area-wide revitalization. EPA anticipates selecting approximately 20 pilot projects through this competitive opportunity.

The maximum total amount of grant funding that applicants may apply for is $175,000 for the entire project period. Applicants may apply for project periods of up to 24 months. Applicants may apply for both grant funding and direct contract support in the same proposal but the total amount of assistance must not exceed $175,000.

The Brownfields Area-Wide Planning Pilot Program is designed to assist predominantly under-served and economically disadvantaged communities. This may include low-income, minority, and/or economically distressed residents living in areas that face a disproportionate level of environmental degradation, social inequities, historic under representation, economic stagnation, and/or recent economic disruption (e.g., closure of assembly or manufacturing plants, resulting in recent and significant local job loss). As required by the Brownfields Law, EPA will ensure that there is a fair distribution of funding between urban areas such as large metropolitan areas and non-urban areas, such as rural areas, small towns and tribal communities.

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EPA Brownfield Planning Pilots, Apps Due June 1

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