TechSmith K-12 School Software Grants

TechSmith, a Michigan software development company, is donating $2 million worth of screen capture & recording software to Michigan K-12 schools in support of quality and continuity of learning.

Be the first to take advantage of this corporate-funded grant and apply for donated multimedia content creation tools.

Get details on eligible products »

Who should apply?
Any Michigan K-12 school
Instructors, staff, departments, schools, or districts
Your request can range from one license to a sitewide license across a school or district.

It’s up to you to make a case for receiving the quantity you request. We’re looking for a clear plan with credible goals for how the software will be used.

A new application period period begins each month. The grant program ends June 30, 2010, or when the $2 million grant pool is exhausted.

For more information on specific available software, and to make your application please visit the TechSmith website at:

TechSmith K-12 School Software Grants

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