Trails Funding, Apps Due Dec 15

What types of projects will be considered for the 2010 grants?
• Those that have hikers as the primary constituency, though multiple human-powered trail uses are eligible.
• Those that secure trail lands, including acquisition of trails and trail corridors and the costs associated with
acquiring conservation easements.
• Projects that will result in visible and substantial ease of access, improved hiker safety and/or avoidance of
environmental damage. Higher preference is often given to projects with volunteer labor.
• Projects that promote constituency building surrounding specific trail projects – including volunteer recruitment
and support.

Award amounts range from $500 to $5,000.
• Applicants must be a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and must submit their IRS designation letters.
• Except for land acquisition programs, acceptable projects should be completed in one year. Multi-year projects
will be considered only in exceptional cases.
• Grants will not be awarded to (a) religious organizations for religious purposes, (b) private foundations or (c)
political causes, candidates or legislative lobbying efforts.
• The grantee must complete a final report on the project’s progress, successes and failures, funds dispersal and
what role the grant played in the project, due April 30, 2011.

Applications must be submitted electronically by December 15, contact us for more information!

Trails Funding, Apps Due Dec 15

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