MSHDA Funding Window Open, Sept 14-25

MSHDA’s Office of Community Development (OCD) has released its 2009 Housing Resource Fund (HRF) Summary in support of Michigan’s local housing initiatives. The HRF Summary discusses the objectives of the Housing Resource Fund, applicant eligibility and program offerings.

As a reminder, the funding windows for Housing Resource Fund applications are:
Window 1 March 23 – April 3, 2009
Window 2 September 14 – 25, 2009

Revisions and deletions are set forth in the 2009 HRF Summary. Briefly, the significant changes are:
• OCD Staff lists and map
• Homebuyer Quickfinder
• Homebuyer – Closing Costs and Other Fee Chart
• Homeowner section
• Small Scale Rental Development – the moratorium has been removed. Review this section with regard to projects of 1 to 24 units of affordable multifamily rental housing to be owned, developed or sponsored by community based nonprofit organizations.
• Rental Rehabilitation section and Quickfinder
• Administration section
• Income Limits
• HOME Program Rent Limits
• Section 203B Loans, Maximum Mortgage Limits
• Complementary Revitalization Programs and Targeted Areas

For the complete guidance document:

MSHDA Funding Window Open, Sept 14-25

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