Aging in Place Grants, Deadline July 15

The Department of Health & Human Services has an open grant program:

The AoA will award grants, on a competitive basis, to eligible entities to develop and carry out model aging in place projects (See 42 U.S.C. 3033 for complete statutory authorization for this grant project. The projects will promote aging in place for older individuals in order to sustain the independence of older individuals. A recipient of a grant under this subsection must identify innovative strategies for providing, and linking older individuals to programs and services that provide, comprehensive and coordinated health and social services to sustain the quality of life of older individuals and support aging in place.

All CIAIP grantees will use the funds made available through the grant to:

1. Ensure access by older individuals in the project area to community-based health and social services consisting of—
case management, case assistance, and social work services;
health care management and health care assistance, including evidence-based disease prevention and health promotion services;
education, socialization, and recreational activities; and
volunteer opportunities for project participants;

2. Conduct outreach to older individuals within the project area;

3. Develop and implement innovative, comprehensive, and cost-effective approaches for the delivery and coordination of community-based health and social services, including those identified in paragraph (1) above, which may include mental health services, for eligible older individuals; and

4. Cover travel expenses for two project staff to attend a project meeting in Washington, DC in Year 2 of the project.

Up to $4,500,000 will be available to fund up to 15 new Community Innovations for Aging In Place (CIAIP) grants. These grants will be funded at a federal share of approximately $250,000 to $500,000 per year for a project period of three years, contingent on the availability of federal funds. Contact your GFA client rep if you are interested in applying for this program!

Aging in Place Grants, Deadline July 15

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