This invasive species is rapidly gaining a foothold along our shorelines, and is already overpowering the Saginaw Bay area. GFA’s mapping specialists are available to work with species identification experts to help you prepare an accurate and comprehensive map of any current infestations along your shorelines. As a surveying contractor for the US Army Corps of Engineers, GFA also has the experience to assist you in preparing survey and mapping information that may be required by USACE permits.

Beaver Island has put together a very good video on the topic, which you may view here:

The MDEQ website has a page on phragmites control and management:,1607,7-135-3313_3677_8314-178183–,00.html
If you are planning on chemical treatment, applications are due August 15.

A MDEQ workshop is scheduled for June 6 in Traverse City. If you are interested in GFA’s phragmites mapping services, please contact Heather Brady,


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